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Pizza Tartufata with cherry tomato, rucola and truffly oil


Vero Italian Restaurant was born from the idea of Italian managers who, traveling a lot for work, were tired of finding Italian restaurants only by name. The desire was to create a place where the cuisine was indeed and exclusively Italian, not counterfeit. The goal is to let all its guests discover and taste all Italian regions' authentic and traditional flavors. They were using only fresh and quality Italian ingredients.

Italian cuisine is known worldwide, it is prevalent and loved, and for this reason, it is often copied and distorted. Unfortunately, the original recipe is often transformed, modified, and sometimes ruined. When traveling, it is not uncommon to find traditional recipes adapted to the tastes of the local people in many "Italian" restaurants.


There are many examples of Gastronomic "Counterfeiting": the original recipe for Rigatoni Alla Carbonara, for instance, calls for them to be cooked with egg, Parmigiano Reggiano, pecorino romano, and guanciale. But it is not uncommon to find the recipe transformed with the addition of flour, cream, onion, etc. Even Fettuccine Alfredo is often counterfeited. They are seasoned with butter and Parmesan, with which cream is formed in Italy. But when ordering in other countries, very often it happens to see together, chicken, prawns, ham or peas.

Miami Florida
Miami Florida


Welcome to our restaurant, where stars and VIPs savor a dining experience. We are the preferred destination for renowned celebrities and influencers and more.

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